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too bad its zoned for a church... or you could accept it and sell it for the land you did want

You said no?!?!? We got some nothing realestate as a donation at the last church I was at. They let it sit, but I would have built a small park for the community, courtesy of the Church. It is for Church use officially, but the neighbors are welcome to stop by any time. It being church use means no tax. the end, the city wanted some of the land for a road expansion. In exchange, they rezoned it and the value went up 400%. We were able to sell it and it paid off a lot of debt.

You can also draw a loan against the property to help pay for other property purchases and building programs.

God can take something/someone small and do amazing things, unless we say no because it is too small to fit into our plans.

Chris, land that is proffered is required to be used for the purpose intended, which is a church in this case. This wasn't a donation offer. It was a county-mandated land space to be used specifically for a church.

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