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How about Costa Rica?

How about a country in between some of those you mentioned and at the most central point of Europe!?! On top of that nearly 90% of the country profess to be atheist and about 2% actually profess to be Christians! Meet the Czech Republic and it has one of the coolest cities ever - Prague!

Hi Ben,
I started reading your blog via planterblogs (I think...)
Anyway, fun to read about a movement on the other side of DC (I'm between Balt and DC in Howard County). Very cool stuff. I'm adding you to my rss reader.

Oh - and about the mission stuff, you are right, kind of odd. But I think a lot of times, we have to give those families in cross cultural contexts the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes its hard to understand all the nuances of what they have to deal with.

Blessings and Merry Christmas!

what is the 'life span' of your church?

Nice... I'd love to be approached about some opportunities. I haven't had an overseas missionary come to me in 3-1/2 years of existence.

Ron, I only meant that it wouldn't be a short-term project, but that we would be as invested in this 'sister city' as much as we were invested in our own.

still an interesting idea - not in the context of your post but thought provoking nonetheless - what is the life span of a church? we're all young (churches) and so we don't think about dying yet, but is there a time to come when we die gracefully having run our course and accomplished what we should for God's kingdom? maybe another post for another day...

My friend Robb once told me that he didn't think a church plant should last any longer than its founding pastor's tenure... interesting idea. Churches do tend to get beaurocratic pretty quickly when the task of hiring pastors is handed off to a committee. And honestly, how can a pastor really set vision in a church that has existed for decades before him? hmmmm.

While in Zambia I ran into missionary territorialism.

We were asked by a young lady if we would visit her brother in the hospital. The hospital was run by missionaries (I don’t remember which organization). While visiting we were approached by the administrator who essentially asked us to leave. He allowed us to pray with that one young man but had us watched to make sure we left. I was deeply grieved at the territorialism I saw there. My previous mission experience was as part of a cooperative effort between several mission agencies in Latvia.

Are you interested in other areas besides Europe?

I've always thought that if there were several people in our church who felt a passion for a particular part of the world, I would be open to their leanings. But if there are no takers, then my heart will lead the way... and I can't get Europe out of my heart. Also, we live beside Dulles International Airport in DC, and it's only a 6-hour, direct flight to London. What an easy commute to a "sister city."

I have but one missionary contact in Europe. In the small village of Tilza in Latvia. Tilza used to have a church planting school but that has gone by the wayside somehow.

Actually, something about the Czech Republic (as Zach mentions) leaps out at me.

Have you tried the "dart board" method yet ;-)

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