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I remember hearing Rob teach about that interpretation. It sounds really cool, but I'm wondering the same thing you are - how has every single commentator I've ever read missed that? I mean, literally, every single one.

One of the things that concerns me about Bell is that it seems he is trying to reinvent much of the faith based on his interpretations - it almost seems like a form of Gnosticism. "Everyone else is wrong - I'll give you the real interpretation." His views on Scriptue are also a bit troubling to me.

All in all, the jury is still out. Keep us posted on what you're thinking!

I recently took some classes at Bethel Seminary in MN and had a professor who was not too fond of Rob and his methods. I love listening to Rob though, I think he communicates most things in a fresh and compelling well. Yes, some of his interpretations may be more speculative than fact, but if the center of it is biblical truth, can't we leave the questionable stuff to debate? That's sort of where I've come down on these issues.

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