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I love Bell but remember he was on staff at a MEGA-church about a mile down the road. They pushed Bell's church hard and that might have had a little to do with a 1000 people showing up for the first service. :)

A certain pastor in our area says the same thing. But the fact that his dad was a famous TV preacher in the same state and the fact that he took about 800 people from daddys church, helped a little.

Not meaning to come across as jealous, I praise God for those stories. However I like to comparge apples to apples, not oranges.

I heard it was more like a split than a push from the other church.

Actually, I'm relieved to hear this background, so thanks for sharing it. They never include these tidbits in their bios...

Yes, Sarge it was a split but it was sorta of awkward. There has been somewhat of a change and making up. Rob has preached at Calvary and Ed has preached at Mars Hill.

The situation here in Atlanta wasn't really a split either. The son, we'll call him "Andy" to protect the innocent just didn't like daddy getting a divorce so he along with about 800 started a church here in town. :)

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