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Interesting point. Based on this proposal, Average Church in Anytown, USA is ahead of the curve and they don't even know it.

A serious reversal is coming your way this afternoon. Keep an eye on your inbox, friend.

We're in creative reversal right now. My husband and I come from churches that had budgets. We are now in a church that has well, umm, barely enough coming in to justify having a budget. So our creative reversal came in trying to find resources and be creative in being creative. That means being creative without spending money. We're using what resources all ready exist, reusing and repurposing resources, creatively writing and planning instead of paying someone else to think it up or design it for you. And what we find is that what we are doing inside the church during worship and Bible study, our people are learning to do in their own homes and in their workplaces - they now know how to worship and how to teach and how to share without the fancy lights, designs, books, and all the other trappings of church. Trust me I appreciate great design and great creativity in experiences but sometimes the experience is just a show unless the point of what we are doing can be reproduced in someones life.

Good word. This creative reversal will actually help connect people to God as well. Sometimes the smoke and mirrors distract people from worship. I'm a big believer that God is changing the focus around the country and
creative reversal could be called focus reversal too. Thanks for your thoughts

It's interesting that your example is U2. While I agree with your point, it seems to me that the need for a creative reversal is largely because middle-aged white men do most of the planning. And let's face it, when U2 is the standard of cool (I'm not saying they aren't) we miss out on the blending of styles and progression of creativity, which is what made U2 big in the first point.
I'm excited about what you are doing with Story, keep pushing the envelope!

well i could have used the reformed church movement as another example of how the church as a whole is swinging back toward function rather than form. i used u2 as an example not because i think they're the standard of cool, but because there's an obvious example of creative reversal

Agreed, and I understand the reasoning. I also believe part of the reason we need a creative reversal is because the people (read: white men) who run the show in the American church see a similar version of what's cool, innovative and cutting-edge. And of course, when we are all doing the same super innovative things, they become old hat very quickly. It seems to be an issue with the American church, because as Americans, we can get distracted by shiny things. I think a creative reversal can jolt people out of that mindset quickly and efficiently. Would you say the need for a reversal is really about something bigger? Or that we just need something fresh?

i love your passion for diversity Sam. I'm working really really hard at trying to fill STORY's seats with african american and ethnic pastors.

this might be just a personal preference for me... i like change

That's good to hear. Change is good, and the leaders who can create change are the game changers. I appreciate your work, and I know that Story is going to blow some folk's minds.

I agree. I'm REALLY tired of the U2/Coldplay era of worship songs. There are SOOOOOOOOOO many different sounds and styles to use that are cool and effective.

I could go on about this for a VERRRRRRRY long time. But I'll keep it to this - most of our churches are museums that reflect our favorite time of music, fashion and styles. Everyone wants to have a "movement" but museums don't move.

One more reversal to throw in the mix... GET RID OF THE LYRICS. I've never been to a concert where there were lyrics projected on the screens unless it was a worship event. Even if you don't know the words, you can feel the passion and be drawn in. The goal should not be to make sure they can read the lyrics. I want people to be so overwhelmed by God's grace during worship that they fall on their knees in tears and forget to sing anyway! I've never once wished I could have the lyrics printed out and follow along while I'm driving in my car. I've had some of the most powerful worship moments sitting in traffic botching the lyrics. Imagine worship in the early church. Did they pass out hand written worship sheets so that people could follow along? I'm just sayin'

Barton, how about this one: I RAP and churches ask me if I'll put the lyrics up. On one hand they invite me in because "I love the fact that I can actually understand what you're saying" then ask me if I'll put the lyrics up? uhhh, no...I wont.

But to be fair I did see U2 putting lyrics up on their songs during the Grammys. I do understand it though. Its using the screen as a digital hymnal where instead of reading it out of the book, you read it off the screen.

Ben, I couldn't agree with you more. Could you imagine saying Less is More in church? Billy Graham would smack me. In my world it's like the need to look good--it all starts with new gloss and some threads, and can head all the way to puffier lips and ginormous "girls". Once in a while the basics of a fresh clean face in a great T and jeans is the same knowing comfort of just having "when 2 or more gather." Ha-love that.

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