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Wow, Ben. This is so completely relevant to this last season of friendships I've walked through. Thanks for sharing it.

To me, this explains why some (not all) lead pastors have difficulty with close associates moving on. I've seen this first and second hand a couple of times. Just my thought ...

That's really interesting Ben. Thanks for sharing. Made me think about friends and the exciting changes going on in my life right now!

WOW! This is EXACTLY what's happening in my life right this minute. I am changing, therefore my relationships are changing. Some of the them for the better, some of them,... not so much.

Thank you for shedding some light on that for me. :)

That makes a lot of sense...a big lot of sense...possibly too much sense

Quotes like this are why I read your BLOG every day. I shared this quote with at least 5 others. You're the man.

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