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Amen brother. My church has tons of shortcoming, as most do, but I'd rather be the change I hope to see and roll up my sleeves to help.

Exactly, But we know many pastors that have tried this method.
In darkness, the choice is to curse it or light candles. So many choose the former and not the latter

Hilarious- this sort of "came up" today in our Ministry Heads mtg,. when we were discussing what to do w/ a lack of volunteers in "Tiny Town" ... someone jokingly said "well, we can close it, and just tell people we couldn't get the volunteers" .. I said "I've been to that church, and it didn't work"

Thanks for this Ben!

To my shame and embarrassment this is exactly how I did things for six years -- and you're absolute right, it just doesn't work.

My fear, though, has always been that to many people have a misunderstanding of love. In that "leading with love" means we never confront blatant, obvious sinful behaviors and attitudes. If that makes sense.

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