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wow. i thought some one would have commented before.

never the less, thanks Ben.

i have wanted to go to a weekender but have never been able to go.

as for the comments, i have learned (well, everyone has to learn something) and have come appreacite his view. i think that he is right one some.

what is unique to me is that he is going in the exaxt opposite of all what all the marketing gurus and business leadership guys are telling us we should do as churches and mission.

kind of make me think that we need to examine what we are doing and deeply contemplate before we embark.

Once again thanks. i really do appreciate you willingness to share what you are gleaning.

Thanks Chris, this is a very different conference than my usual fare... but I can learn from anything. Really enjoyable so far.

Ben -

I am curious did he tell the story about what happened with the American flag in the sanctuary after he arrived?

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