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Ben, sorry to ask a theater question, but.... where do you guys put the kids?

Matt, in the open areas in front and back of the theaters themselves. We put up colorful partitians, roll out carpets, bring in floor lamps. For some great children's areas in theaters, see:


Thanks Ben... I wish they had some additional theater children's pics to look at. So does this mean that you guys have two theater room each week? One for worship and one for children?

Sorry for the Q's. We have been in a school for our first year and I am just exploring the option.

Matt, depending on your theater contract, you can use as many theaters as you need to get the job done. There's plenty of space in front and in back of our theaters for children's space, so we can double-up groups. And we also use the lobby at times. It really depends on the theater. Take a look inside and imagine the possibilities!

Sorry for not being more helpful. I remember that it took me a year or two to imagine meeting in a movie theater... but it's second-nature to me now, so I feel like I'm trying to sell the merits of, say, buying a pick-up truck versus a car. Where do the kids go? Throw a cap on that sucker and stick 'em in the back!! =)

I'm just kidding.

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