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I'm all for innovation (just read my blog), but I can't understand why there is a reward for it. Can someone explain?

Seems to me that innovation is difficult to define inside the church. What would be an innovative idea in smalltown USA may have been done 2 years earlier in a "major market" church. Ultimately it comes down to your community. What is it that's going to hit them square on for the gospel? Once you have that dialed in, innovate in that direction. I agree entirely that true innovation is generally unpopular with the masses (at least initially) - But from what I've seen, those masses tend to be the already convinced...I'll sacrifice popularity with the masses anyday if it means reaching my community.

Thanks Ben!

Read, you haven't heard about the innovation crown some of us are going to get in heaven?


What's up, Ben. In my upcoming book "Church 2.0", I am trying to stretch people's definition of innovation. I believe one has to look in unexpected and unpredictable places to see the hand of God at work. There are some very innovative churches in this country, but they're not necessarily the ones that make "the list" - though, some do.

For more on "Church 2.0" check out the Facebook group at:

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