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I think there's a middle ground here. One problem is the incredible lack of understanding many people have about their spititual gifts. A lot of folks can't even begin to tell you what there gifts are. So, you end up with a ton of people serving where they like, but not necesarrily where they're gifted.

I totally agree, however, that there is nothing wrong with serving where there is a need. (I'm not a gifted children's teacher, but I would fill that role of needed.)

I think the key is two fold:

1. Identifying your true God given gifts.

2. Serving selflessly.

If you follow those keys, you end up with good people serving in a powerful way. Even if they service outside of their greatest giftedness.

That's why I'm coming to WB! Bring it on, baby!

I'm pretty new to Mark Dever, which is exactly why I'm excited about WB. Keeping bringing the "controversy" BA!

That's my new nickname for you, BA. Probably never heard that before, huh BA? I pity the foo' that don't come to WhiteBoard!!

(what is wrong with me today?!)

I'm going to have to agree with Jim here. If someone has lousy people skills, I don't think putting them on the welcome team is the best move. If someone can't keep a beat, then they probably shouldn't play in the band.

While I agree that it's not good to see ministry posts abandoned because "it's just not the right fit for me," you can also tend to err on the side of mismatching people's skills to the needs. Then when someone comes along who has amazing video editing skills you don't have a place for them because you already have a video guy (who isn't that good).

Obviously you can't just wait around for someone really skilled to come along for every need, but I think it's best to try to match skills to needs.

I would rather fill a handful of needs, but fill them with people who will do an AMAZING job than to fill a bunch of needs with mediocrity.

Mediocrity never invokes change in our surrounds. Greatness does.

Sometimes the choice is not between mediocrity and greatness.

Sometimes the choice is between a hole and someone to fill it.

We tell our people that the first place that they should serve is in the area of their gifting... But the second place is anywhere there is a need. I don't believe its an either/or.

We call it "the two bucket principle" in our church. One hand holds the bucket of our greatest giftedness; the other is a true need in the church.

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