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Great quote. I'm not sure either one is wrong but both would approach church different.

The first is correct.
The second is incorrect.
It's that plain & that simple!

It is my opinion that MOST pastors/churches fall into the second catagory though.



while the first is certainly preferable to the second, it might be worth noting that in a "churched" culture (how many chuches are there in every city in america?) a reality exists in which people will still "come to church" in order to find answers.

that doesn't justify an exclusively-attractional model of church, but it does throw a little grey paint on a seemingly black and white canvas, eh?

just sayin'


oh yeah... one other kind of pastor:

Those who are lost in an upset church.


It’s a sad thing that we even segregate ourselves. Everything is about Christian and Non-Christian. We are all people. Some have allowed God’s love to be a part of their lives, others haven’t. We all fall short of God in a drastic way. We have to get our heads out of our butts and start caring for others. Thanks for the Quote, it really shows the two sides.

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